Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve
Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve

Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve

A parallel double-disc gate valve, commonly referred to as a double-disc gate valve, is a specific type of gate valve featuring two discs and corresponding seats. In the operation of a double-disc gate valve, these discs are employed to regulate the opening and closing of fluid flow. As the valve is engaged, the two discs move apart from each other.

Manufacturers of double-disc gate valves design these valves specifically for on-off fluid flow applications and advise against their use in throttling scenarios. The design of these valves ensures tight seals, guaranteeing the prevention of fluid leakage under normal conditions, unless there is mechanical damage to any components of the valve.

Features of the double disc gate valve:

  • Under normal system operation, the gate plate smoothly opens and closes at a consistent speed of 1.0m/min. In case of an unexpected event such as a system power failure, the shutdown process is executed in two stages: a rapid initial phase followed by a gradual, controlled slowdown.
  • Specifically designed for use at the outlet of water pumps, serving both as a shut-off and check valve, the valve is equipped with a stem-locking device to ensure secure and safe operation
  • The gate valve incorporates an advanced electric device that allows for versatile operation, supporting both local and remote control. Additionally, it is designed to meet the requirements of computer program control, ensuring precise, safe, and reliable control of the valve.

Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve

Skills requirement:       

  1. The Double Disk Gate Valveis designed and manufactured following the regulations of GB/T12234-2007;
  2. The structural length is by the provisions of GB/T12221-2005;
  3. The flange connection dimensions are by JB/T79.1-1994;
  4. The testing and inspection of Parallel Disc Gate Valveshall be by the provisions of JB/T9092-1999;
  5. After the test, remove the accumulated water, wipe the inner cavity, apply anti-rust oil, and cover both ends of the diameter with stuffy caps to prevent stolen goods from entering.
No. Name and specification Material Remark No. Name and specification Material Remark
1 valve body WCB   13 Round pin 35 Standard Parts
2 Wedge A105+STL   14 3.2X20
Cotter pin 3.2X20
35 Standard Parts
3 valve seat WCB+STL   15 Packing gland WCB  
4 Valve stem 2Cr13   16 Thrust ball bearing   Parts 
5 Double stud 35 Standard Parts 17 Stem nut QA19-4  
6 Nut 35 Standard Parts 18 Pressure filling cup    
7 Wound gasket 304+ Graphite   19 Bearing gland 25  
8 bonnet WCB   20 M10
Slotted flat end setting screw M10
9 Back seal CF8   21 Electric fitting    
10 Filler Flexible graphite   22 Bracket WCB  
11 Nut 35 Standard Parts 23 Double stud 35 Standard Parts
12 Knuckle bolt 35 Standard Parts 24 Nut 35 Standard Parts

When it comes to reliable and efficient flow control solutions, the Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve stands out as a top choice. This cutting-edge valve is specifically designed to regulate the flow of fluids in a parallel double-disc configuration, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance. With its advanced features and innovative design, this gate valve offers a wide range of benefits that make it a must-have for various industries.


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