Limestone Conveying System

This system, due to its low engineering cost and short completion time, often requires continuous improvement and optimization after the desulfurization equipment of power plants is put into operation. The main reasons for the relatively low utilization rate of desulfurization equipment at present include the rapid and premature replacement of many damaged equipment, and the significant maintenance workload of the desulfurization system. Notable issues include damage to slurry pump and agitator mechanical seals, corrosion and wear of slurry pump and agitator impellers and blades, wear and corrosion of valves, malfunctions in various measuring instruments, corrosion of flue gas ducts, corrosion of expansion joints, pipeline blockages or corrosion, and leakage of flue gas dampers. For valve wear and corrosion, our company recommends the use of ceramic knife gate valves.

The wear-resistant ceramic rotary valve is used in pipelines with highly abrasive particles and corrosive media with soft particles. This valve exhibits extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and erosion resistance, with minimal thermal expansion. The valve outlet is unobstructed, demonstrating good wear resistance, easy startup, and minimal occurrences of jamming and ash accumulation. The valve adopts high-grade, toughened structure ceramic sealing with high mechanical strength, long service life, and a compact structure suitable for installation at any angle.