Dust-free pebbles discharge system

In coal-fired power plants using stone coal without combustion value, the stone coal, which lacks combustible content, is ground by a coal mill and enters the stone coal hopper. Due to the abundance of stone coal, and more importantly, due to equipment issues or other reasons, it often results in large particles of stone coal, sometimes carrying a significant amount of coal powder or iron components. This can lead to damage to the stone coal hopper valve and, at times, the shutdown of the coal mill. Therefore, our company recommends the use of ceramic knife gate valves.

The wear-resistant ceramic discharge valve is suitable for pipelines with highly abrasive particles and corrosive media with soft particles. This valve exhibits extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and erosion resistance, with minimal thermal expansion. The valve outlet is unobstructed, demonstrating good wear resistance, easy startup, and minimal occurrences of jamming and ash accumulation. The valve adopts a high-grade, toughened structure ceramic seal with high mechanical strength, a long service life, and a compact structure suitable for installation at any angle.