Durable Slab Gate Valve
Durable Slab Gate Valve
Durable Slab Gate Valve
Durable Slab Gate Valve
Durable Slab Gate Valve
Durable Slab Gate Valve

Durable Slab Gate Valve

Structural features. The valve seat adopts an O-ring seal and a floating valve seat structure that applies preload force to make the inlet and outlet of the flat gate valve sealed in both directions; and the opening and closing torque of this structure is only 1/2 of that of ordinary valves, making it easy to open and close the valve. .

Performance advantages. Good sealing, small flow resistance, easy operation, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wide applicability, wear resistance, and good self-cleaning performance1.

Flat gate valves are suitable for controlling and cutting off various media such as liquids, gases, and solids, and are widely used in the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, and other fields.

The common material list of flat gate valves is as follows:

Valve body and bonnet: ASTM A217 LCC or ASTM A350 LF2.

Stem: ASTM A182 F304.

Valve plate: A350 LF2 or A182 F304.

Valve seat: Metal valve seat (A350 LF2, surface treated by glow ion nitriding) or F304 surface surfacing cobalt carbide, the soft sealing valve seat is PTFE.

In addition, the stem nut material of the flat gate valve is generally ZCuAl10Fe3, the stem packing is flexible graphite + stainless steel, the gasket is flexible graphite + 304, and the fasteners are 35CrMoA, etc.

Product Description

Introducing our remarkable slab gate valve, designed especially for the manufacturing industry. With a focus on durability, this valve ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Its robust construction guarantees seamless operation, even under extreme conditions. Ideal for various applications, our slab gate valve provides efficient control and regulation of fluid flow. Benefit from its exceptional features, including precise functionality and easy installation. Gain a competitive edge with this superior valve, offering unmatched advantages and customer satisfaction.

Product Features

  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance
  • Slab gate valve design allows for easy extraction of the core
  • No need for expansion during core extraction
  • Highly reliable and efficient operation
  • Designed specifically for use in demanding applications

Application of slab gate valve

  • Used in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and water treatment
  • Ensures efficient and reliable flow control
  • Designed for high-pressure and high-temperature applications
  • Provides a tight seal to prevent leakage
  • Suitable for both onshore and offshore installations
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Long-lasting performance and durability
  • Easy to operate and maintain


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